New Regulations

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) has appointed the Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland (RECI) as the new Gas Safety Supervisory Body. RECI has formed a limited company known as the Register of Gas Installers Ireland (RGII), which is responsible for registering gas installers and regulating their activities with respect to safety.
As of the 26th of June 2009 it is an offence for installers to carry out work in the areas of domestic natural gas installation, repair, maintenance or servicing unless registered with the RGII.

General safety advice and tips:

For your safety, it is a good idea to know how to turn off your gas supply at the safety shut-off valve, whether you have just moved into a new home or have just had a new natural gas installation to your existing home. The gas shut off valve is frequently fitted within your meter box, outside the house.

Going on holidays:

If you go on holidays make sure your appliances are turned off. However, in very cold weather your central heating boiler can be left operating at a low setting in order to prevent water pipes from freezing.
For more in depth information visit Bord Gais

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